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Man fuck that person who wrote in. Keep giving them hell Keith! It's been refreshing to listen to some white people who at least acknowledge this crazy ass shit going on right now. Ya'll have never run away from talking about pop culture and politics. If that cuck can't take it then that's on them!

Also the show is still funny AF. And the show is about you and Chemda's opinions. That's what the fuck we tune in for.

I also noticed what you noticed Chemda. That listener was only talking to Keith. You have a whole ass autoimmune disorder if anyone should be paying attention to "science porn" it's you. Like what the fuck? No I'm mad!


Great show as always. And very FUNNY! I was laughing so much at all the jokes! Because there are still JOKES in every fucking episode of the show! Because there always have been!

Okay... gonna go do yoga now. Namaste.
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