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3310: Pandemic of the Mind w/ Frank Conniff

I used to enjoy watching the Ellen show because I discovered it when I was in the hospital due to cellulitis and thyroid cancer. It was one of the few things that brought me joy. What soured things for me was when she would show fan art that was frankly hideous-and she would make fun of it. It rubbed me the wrong way that someone whose slogan is “be kind to one another” is poking fun on people’s creations-something they probably worked very hard on. It is possible I was looking too much into it and people probably started sending in shit to see if she would make fun of it. The other thing was when she would find out that people were selling stuff they won during her 12 days of Christmas event and send a TV crew out to shame them. She didn’t personally pay for the stuff-her sponsors likely gave it all for free for the advertising and tax write-offs.

There were other little things that just made the whole thing seem not genuine. I was NOT surprised to hear the stories.

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