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I don't think people think the Demmy is over. I think people,New Yorkers, Americans haven't been conditioned to do things for other people if it puts us at a disadvantage. The national pride some Americans claim to have is just having knowledge about their family history or towns and getting mad if you talk shit about them. It rarely takes the form of doing things to make the nation and its people better. Now, after 5-6 months of being more selfless than we've ever been I think NYers just don't know how to keep it up anymore.

They sacrifice space and time and being polite in order to live here and now you want them to sacrifice their ENTIRE SUMMER after they were mostly good and did most of the things right? It's a lot to ask in any situation but even more so in this crowded expensive city where you are either relying on family or constantly on the move working multiple gigs to stay afloat.

Maybe it's the fact the news is focusing on the election and protests (sometimes) and the post office and not daily death tolls and numbers for new cases but things *seem* less dire. We're no longer short on PPE and grocery stores are only short on meat (cuz farms and factories are totally getting hit by this shit) so people wanna be pretend things are less as normal as possible because that's less stressful.

I get the desire but I still get pissed and feel sick when I was in Soho last week seeing gaggles of people babequeing in the street - maskless; going on dates - maskless; a group of friends getting out a taxi dressed up like they were going to a club and going to a place with a bouncer - all maskless.
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