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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
What about the science of COVID cases having unknown, lasting effects on people? The cognitive impairments that are happening, increased stroke risk, kidney failure, neurological problems. This is a NOVEL coronavirus, novel meaning new - the newest of the SARS strain of viruses and the long term effects won't be fully realized for a while since science demands things like facts, data and testing.

Get the fuck outta here with your "only 1% chance of dying" fake news - If there was a bowl of m&ms on the table and I told you only 1% of them were poisoned, would you eat any of them? Or is it just not worth the risk? Wear a mask and shut the fuck up, forever. Or, get covid and die Brett, makes no difference to me... the difference I care about is STOP spreading fake statistics, stop spreading a disease to people who don't have a choice.

We can lower our odds and risks. Just do the things.
Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw View Post
The Republican Party is a death cult. That listener can fuck off. Cite your sources dipshit. Post some studies. 170,000 dead. 9/11 wasn’t shit compared to this.
If we also followed along with that guy’s logic... FUCK OLD PEOPLE. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES VULNERABLE ANYWAY. Like what...?
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