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Originally Posted by Joshua View Post
As a parent, I always start feeling really bad for Chemda’s mother. I think “oh if that were me and I was trying to reconnect I’d be so heartbroken.” But then I remember that there’s no way I’d not speak to my child for four fucking years and I don’t feel so bad anymore.
I feel the same way, both as a parent and someone who's toxic mother (when she was alive) lead me to distance myself for my own sanity. I can see both sides of this in a sense, and neither of them feel good. The more I identify with this as a mother, the more angry and hurt I feel thinking about how a parent could ever treat their child this way in the past.

She connected with you, maybe she's doing OMAT and this was her sixty seconds. She couldn't go past that minute to explain more on why she was so fucking shitty to you.
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