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Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
Also I just read that again

Are you trying to say that medicine is tested on healthy people?
And if it doesn't harm the healthy ones too much the people it actually is meant to help aren't relevant?

Herr im Himmel was soll der Scheiß? Reiß dich zusammen.
I didn’t make up the protocols for drug testing. I’m not that powerful. That’s phase 1 of clinical trials.
I don’t know why you are mad at me?

Phase I Dose-ranging on healthy volunteers for safety Often subtherapeutic, but with ascending doses Clinical researcher 20–100 normal healthy volunteers (or cancer patients for cancer drugs) Approx. 70% Determines whether drug is safe to check

Phase 1 is the start, and if the drug isn’t harmful you can test further if it works on sick people.
If the drug is harmful in phase 1 it’s over.

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