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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
Chemda cracking up while talking about lighting toilet paper on fire was my sunshine. I listened to that section multiple times and grinned so hard my face muscles hurt.

"I think she's saying she's accidentally burned stuff ..."
"I do not accidentally anything"

I died laughing at this too.

Iím loving these recaps of old shows. The never had a problem with Kerryn either...the show clip that she was on sounded reasonable in context of the show. Iím a fatty myself-I wouldnít have done with that woman did-putting on Iíll-fitting jeans so that it busts open. Her trying to blame everything except her eating habits. From what I remember I didnít think Kerryn was that mean to the girl. Sheís been posting a lot of thirst traps on Twitter lately so sheís definitely not feeling any guilt in fat shaming at all.

Molly Knefl has had it a little rough as the first pregnancy she almost died due to high blood pressure I believe. The second kid was a surprise as they were told she couldnít get pregnant but did within a few months of the first baby-I believe. I know that they are close in age. And she lost her teaching job due to the pandemic. Her kids are super cute and seem healthy. I hope things get better for them.

The branding-that was so crazy. It took several hours and over a month to heal. He wasnít fucking around. KATGTV is a must watch. So many awesome videos.

For some reason I think the party super party was on one of Keithís stand up DVDs. I canít remember which one.

Also-Chu-That Ryan guy...I hate to put out some suspicions as to what he else he might have done to other people-it also terrifies me that he is the principal at an elementary school-it is super unnerving. Unless he had significant therapy and treatment those types of behaviors are likely still present today...

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