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I love Keithís letter to his dad. Always better not to overthink it.

And WTF with the randoM care package without anything of substance to it. How dare she try to guilt you into reaching out to you. So fucked up.

I live in an Indianapolis suburb. It sucks to still see so many Trump2020 signs. And our pansy-ass governor has his head so far up Penceís ass-heís doing what is best politically versus best for the state. We have a mandatory mask in place but it isnít enforced at all. COVID numbers keep climbing. Our voting board voted to REFUSE COVID as a reason for a mail-in ballot. So we have to go in person to vote or vote early. Even though I have type 1 diabetes and a slew of other health issues-Iíll be in line to vote because we need to get those dipshits out of the office.

The mayor of indianapolis keeps extending the mandatory mask dates. Still see people without them on or their noses hanging out. It is amazing that more people arenít embarrassed. We are the one of the worst countries in the world handling coronavirus. No one wants to come here.

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