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Re: The Poll

Forget parents, adults who like anyone in their family are a mysterious unicorn to me. I only know one person whose parents treat him with respect and talk to him like a real human, as opposed to assuming he's too stupid to wipe his ass or talking down to him and demanding filial respect based solely on tradition. Most other people speak nicely or respectfully with their parents just to avoid a fight. It's even funnier when my mother will complain to my brothers or cousins about our bad relationship while never considering how terrible her relationship was with her mother before she died. They didn't like each other at all and every sentence was either a direct put down or passive aggressive sleight.

The answer is no but the few times a year I speak to my absentee father is kind of interesting. Talking to him is like talking to a living relic from a museum. It's like "oh...haha you're a real person? With opinions? That's rich. Oh you used to climb mango trees and run from wasps? How about that. You have another sister??! HA! Sure!"
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