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Originally Posted by FingerLakes View Post
Most other people speak nicely or respectfully with their parents just to avoid a fight.
That at least I don’t ever do. I have never met a fight I didn’t try on with my parents.
You can say a lot about my family but we don’t avoid conflict.
My father maybe would if he was alone, but with my mother, no chance.

As I said, things are currently good, but little conflicts are normal for us.

I was there 2 days ago and my mother said to me 5 things I did wrong or didn’t do in 5 minutes.

I said to her: ‘ enough now dear mother! I’m here for 5 minutes. You said 5 things I did wrong. That’s too much, dear mother. How about 1 thing per 10 minutes. That’s better to deal with’

She said ‘ ok, I’ll give you a few minutes before the next thing’

And that was funny and that’s why.
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