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Wow, both Keith's Dad and my Mom choose to ignore the events and move on expecting everyone else to do the same! I guess they have a long history of this tactic working because they were able to force us as kids to let things go since we had no power against them. And this is so ingrained in us that they can continue to get away with it years into our adulthood. I'm really curious to hear more. I haven't gotten to the point yet of the kids calling out the parent.

I feel like Narcissistic people do love, but their outlook on love is deeply flawed and so therefor their way of loving is unhealthy. They also don't have normal responses to perceived attacks on their ego. They love the idea of the relationship and not the actual person. Then when something happens that doesn't fit what they want, they react to protect their own perception and not in a way that's morally right. This can lead to them exposing themselves and them realizing it too late.
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