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I thought both Keith and Ken's letter's were impressively well written and still kind. Keith and Ken are hurt by their Dad for yrs until they were just done taking it. Then their response is to give him many chances to own up to it and encouraged conversation.

The Dad's response to being "hurt" by being caught misbehaving is to further hurt his kids he was already disrespecting. And what's even more disgusting is he is also pulling his other kids and their own mother into trying to hurt them.

Sadly, the siblings not responding to him will result in the Dad interpreting their silence as they agree with his values and tactics...Oh wow, just realized that their silence on the emails now equals that they believe in the Dad in the Dad's brain. Arrghhh! I understand not wanting to be roped into his crap and it's hard to fight the years of conditioning, but if even one of Keith's sibling speaks up, then the majority of the kids are pushing back on the mother and siblings being used as a weapon.

Also, it seems that if they speak up, then they get the "punishment" of not having to deal with the Dad's crap anymore as he cuts them out. Soooo, bonus?
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