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Originally Posted by Liquid View Post
I get that it is ridiculous that Trump pays such low Federal taxes. But so far I don't think there is any indication of anything illegal. He is exploiting the system that every rich person does. I don't think you can make a moral judgement based on that.

To the other point of him being in such huge debt and might be beholden to foreign governments. Again if I'm not mistaken these returns don't show that. He does owe a lot of money but those are in the public records. He doesn't owe money to Russia like was claimed.

Don't get me wrong, I think Trump is ridiculous and is making the world a much worse place. BUT his low tax bill is definitely not the way to take him down. In fact I think it will be better for him.
I can see that. That his fans think he is a hero for knowing how to play the system.
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