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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
The implication is that he has exaggerated his losses/expenses which is fraud.
One example would be $70,000 on having his hair done. That's almost $192 per DAY over a year.
He paid his daughter, who already draws a salary from the organization, over $700,000 in consulting fees to create a write off. It's not customary to pay your own employees for consultation.

There's taking advantage of loopholes vs cheating the system. The fact that his IRS audit has been dragging on for years is a pretty good indicator that his people have not been able to satisfy auditors that there isn't outright fraud. The fact that the Trump organization is being investigated for criminal practices by the state of New York is another indication that they are laundering money or hiding profits.
I completely agree with you. If the IRS can prove fraud that's great. But at the same time I understand the mentality of "exploiting" the system. Maybe it's because I'm South Asian. But it's so common here. Especially in business families. I have friends who have been drawing "salaries" from the business right from when they were in middle school. It's the mentality that the you do not get anything back from the government for the taxes you pay (infrastructure/public services, etc.,). Politicians here are literally stealing from the tax payer. So it's a matter of pride being able to avoid the most tax possible. People look at me as a fool for paying the "correct" amount of tax. My landlord was surprised that I didn't want a fake inflated rent receipt.
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