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Originally Posted by Newsy View Post
If I make it to one year I'll be thrilled. But also - what's your secret?
Glad you asked.

Before I met Mr. Apia I asked myself what I want from my next relationship and what I absolutely don’t want.
Also, what am I ready to give and what not.

I knew I wanted a family at some point, but not for the next years.
I wanted someone who wanted the same, who wanted to travel and see the world to be ready to be a parent some years later.
Someone who is smart and at least ok with his job, I HATE people who dislike their job and don’t chance anything ever or even try. But also not an only career oriented person, my ex boyfriend was and the relationship came always after his career.
Someone I find attractive and who is a reliable partner, because I need emotional stability.

I was ready for this kind of relationship.

It was not love at first sight, but I found him attractive, but maybe too quiet and nerdy.
But I got used to it. I knew 6 months in, I can see him everyday and like him even if he doesn’t change anything, I can accept his downsides. He is a good person, smart, funny and what not.
And that I can see him every day and not be annoyed. And than it stayed like this.

So I would say, know what you want and what you don’t want first. What’s important to you might not be important for others and it doesn’t matter.
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