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What a life...

I really loved/enjoyed this guest. I hope he attracts all things good in life.

Side note on the therapist, I really think you didn’t give her enough credit. Even assuming that she was attracted to him, in that case it wouldn’t have been right for her to treat him if she saw that she might be in danger of crossing a line with him, which is detrimental to a therapeutic relationship. It shows a refreshing self-awareness to know when a patient wouldn’t be appropriate for you.

Also, manipulation in the mental health/therapy field is very real and very common as you might imagine, as many people who seek therapy (or are forced into it by being blue/pink-sheeted) aren’t necessarily ready to start the process and give the therapist all kinds of bullshit, for lack of a better word. As a complete noob who’s been doing some psych rounds, I’ve already seen it quite a lot. It may have been that she misperceived him as manipulative, or saw the potential that he might become so judging his intelligence, and so cut her losses early. From my limited experience, the more intelligent the patient, the less direct-able they seem to be (I’m aware of how shitty this sounds).

I’m sensitive to the fact that his run-in with this rejection completely put him off therapy and hurt him. Sometimes, finding the right therapist is a process. But I’m glad whatever he did/is doing is working for him, and frankly he has more willpower than many.
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