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So Thirsty

So I agree with both Keith and Chemda. AND it goes like this...

You can't be liking thirst traps of people you know, that is too much thirst. It is either one of two things weird/creepy or flirty.

'Like' anything you want if you don't know them and they are not in your circle where you will know them. Davy can like all the Scarlet Johansson he wants but thirst for "friends" is looking for a response. Not cool Davy! AND I really don't believe you think it's as innocent as you make it out to be.

As far as needing to approve Hanna's appearance fuck you Davy! She is a wild free spirit and you knew that going in to the relationship. I agree with Xerxes when he said "When did we stop talking?" No approval is really needed and I don't mind if my wife were to change her hair color and surprise me. But again it was part of who she was and is so it's not so much a sudden shocking change.
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