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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
Wait ... lately the Spiiiiiidermaaaaaan incident keeps getting characterized by Chemda as Keith being punished for "using his imagination" when for years the story has been that he was punished because he told his sister that he wasn't really her brother and had been sent to the family to try and save it because the family was fucked up. What kind of parent would let something that manipulative and anti-family slide as "innocent play"?

Obviously Keith's dad is a monster who can't be defended but, I mean, especially if you agree with Keith's hatred of "tricking" you have to take his mom's side on this particular case. Especially when you factor in that wooden spoon spankings are pretty much a joke - they're the least hurtful of all spankings because wooden spoons have a relatively large area for sweet FA mass. The sting dissipates pretty much immediately. If you were a kid in a spanking family you'd rather be spanked with a wooden spoon than pretty much anything else, including an open hand.

I've been Team Chemda with pretty much everything lately but this one thing I just don't jive with because it smacks of (awesome pun intended) re-writing history or something.

Bicho I love you but you might have to look at some stuff.
What you and I are describing is the same thing. Heís using his imagination with his sister. My brothers once tried to convince me they just saw a real smurf and I missed it. (Or some character who cares)

Maybe his mom should find out why Keith thinks Spider-Man needs to come save the family.

Also it doesnít matter if the spoon hurt. Itís the act of getting the spoon, leaning over, and being hit by the person who takes care of you. Itís about that his mom didnít even ask him about it from his point of view. The Malley parents have no insight to how their children think and process. They have no curiosity about their children and it leads to punishments for no reason.

That could have been a sweet moment where mrs Malley got in on the fantasies her little kids were having and learned by playing along with them.

If he pretended to be a king that came to save the family would that have been ok?

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