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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Chemda’s right. It wasn’t a talking to. It was an immediate spanking.

And you’re wrong about a wooden spoon. That shit hurt.
You say that as if you actually needed a talking to though. As if you were too dumb to understand that gaslighting your sister was wrong. The way it was always told on the show in the past was that you knew you did something fucked up (albeit hilarious) and she knew that you knew you were doing something fucked up (albeit hilarious). The fact your mom didn't disrespect your level of intelligence by acting as if you were not only a rapscallion but also a moron who needed talked to is a point in her favour and your favour. It's win-win!

And wooden spoon smacks only hurt for 0.12 seconds. Getting spanked by literally anything else was worse, and getting spanked was preferable to any kind of time out or "talking to" because it was all over in moments. If I or any of my brothers got caught doing anything fucked up we PRAYED for the wooden spoon over any other type of discipline. It was literally the joke punishment between us.

Originally Posted by The Girl View Post
Bicho I love you but you might have to look at some stuff.
What you and I are describing is the same thing. He’s using his imagination with his sister. My brothers once tried to convince me they just saw a real smurf and I missed it. (Or some character who cares)

Maybe his mom should find out why Keith thinks Spider-Man needs to come save the family.

Also it doesn’t matter if the spoon hurt. It’s the act of getting the spoon, leaning over, and being hit by the person who takes care of you. It’s about that his mom didn’t even ask him about it from his point of view. The Malley parents have no insight to how their children think and process. They have no curiosity about their children and it leads to punishments for no reason.

That could have been a sweet moment where mrs Malley got in on the fantasies her little kids were having and learned by playing along with them.

If he pretended to be a king that came to save the family would that have been ok?
I meeeeeeeeeeeean, if all Keith was to try to convince his sister he was literal Spiderman, then that's just cute. That's what we call play play. But if he framed it as trying to save his sister's family because the family was being damaged in some way then it goes beyond cute fantasy into some nascent form of manipulation/gaslighting. That's why it always came across to me as if Keith's mom had plenty of insight into how her son was thinking and processing.

But it's entirely possible I need to look at some stuff. I always took it as a funny story of how Keith was so like his mom - sarcastic and militantly anti-tricking. In an ideal world she would've tried to dig into (amazing Keith childhood pun intended) why he was acting like the family needed saving, and that would've lead to her taking the kids (and the cat) and leaving Father Malley behind with his hole-riddled back yard. But I've seen time travel movies and that would mean history would've been different and there'd be no KATG show, so I'm torn on the matter.
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