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This will be my first vote too. Idc if it happened in manic state, I still liked that my first ballot had Kanye as an option.

In UT (solid red territory), if you can believe polls anymore, it’s the first time a democrat had as high as a 40% saying they’ll vote for him over the republican nominee in half a century. Romney (UT) seemed like the only Republican in the Senate, besides Flake (AZ) and the late McCain (AZ) who ever actually challenged Trump. Ofc, it’s still a majority that’ll vote for Trump, even if some will hold their noses while they do it.

I kinda don’t get the sticker thing, bc the culture here is not to talk about politics. In some of my family, on my foreign side , politics is the thing to talk about, all day, everyday, over coffee/tea and pipe smoke.
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