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Two things

I wish I had a Bingo card of stoner conspiracies cause I’d have won house on this one!

Ten years ago we used to have regular poker nights and one player used to bring the weed and this was their main talking point. I used to think it was stoner talk now ten years later we are living it Who would have known the single guys that smoke pot and hang out on the internet would be the soothsayers of the 21st century.

Also their is a fine line between paying attention to Jungian Synchronicity and that line is also the line between reality and psychosis

I think what John was struggling for was Keith and Chemda we’re taking the piss but affectionately, he doesn’t seem to be able to interpret that feeling and process it to shake it off, it bothers him and that is typical of someone who seeks out conspiracies to support there narrative.
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