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Specifically the business uses around 5G include buying position tracking information about all of us. For example it will be possible to track more accurately your physical location and the group of people you tend to be around. It all ends up being marketed as personalization and convenience but it's all about selling our meta data to businesses.

I was at a convention for one of the big three telco's in 2019 they put some kind of 5G tag in the conference badges and had 5G micro cells all over the convention center. At the end showed 'anonymized' data of who went to which talks, who spent time at vendor booths etc. The whole thing was spun into trying to sell companies on buying access to the more accurate positioning data. This could allow a business to determine customer patterns to see who is more likely to buy things from you and you can focus your marketing and advertising appropriately.

I'm not saying 5G is the devil, just saying it's another step in the path of decreased privacy. The one thing JFOD said about 5G signals not travelling as far and needing a bunch of repeaters is very true.

<Non-nerds ignore this part>
And in case there are other engineering types that are going to 'well actually' me on the distance here I'm talking millimeter Wave 5G and not the Sub 6 stuff.
And because some of you cant help yourself

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Ok so the part about 5G needing repeaters is actually true there are 4 on my block, the hyper accurate positioning can result in increased privacy concerns.

But there is a ton of crazy wrapped around it.
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Hmmm. You gave us a lot to think about.

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