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Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
But you're more in love with Keith right? I mean he is SOOO funny and he keeps it cool with the no sleeve shirts. Also, he never smells I mean how could he if he changes his socks and underwear 3 times a day and I wont even go into his special showers... What's not to love! He really makes the rest of us seem like slobs.
Im learning so much. Special shower, dare I ask?

Being that he’s in my ears along with Chemda, who sounds standard American to me (I love her laugh), having heard people from New York and Pennsylvania, probably the most intriguing thing about Keith is his accent. I still have yet to encounter/hear anyone who talks quite like he does. It really comes out when he says words like “there”, which I never considered could be pronounced the way he says it, but like that he does. Not very many accents in the West of the country vs the East. At least around me, it’s pretty generic. So Keith, please fit in a “there” wherever possible (not to the point where you abuse it, of course, bc where TF would that put us).
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