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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
Short update about it:

The first look on the Pfizer/ Biontech vaccine looks really good.
Better than expected. Itís still not approved because itís too early. We need to wait for more results.

And that is because it would be unethical to give one group placebo, one group the vaccine and than expose them to Corona.

So the participants just live their life and some get infected.
Thatís why itís slow. A totalitarian system would just expose everyone to Corona and see the deaths of the people from the control group as collateral damage.

Biontech is a company from our region here ( 25 minutes from me) so people are excited. Plus, the founders are a married couple of scientists who are both children of Turkish immigrants. Thatís pretty cool, because we also have anti immigration idiots here.
Absolutely unrelated, but I like to feel cool,

÷zlem TŁreci, the female founder studied at the same university as your pal Apia.

( she medicine, me law, so there is no connection but it feels good)
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