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Originally Posted by CsisandDesist View Post
Thanks Rune for the other perspective. I for one hope he's ok as well.

To be clear this is somewhat personal with me. I have a son who has been manic and this kind of stuff is very hard for me to listen to. I personally though don't find it brilliant or interesting, it is more disheartening for me from my personal encounter with this and also just shows how fucking wide spread this level of mental illness is. It is just sad.
Iím sorry. I get that my perspective comes from a place of privilege. Iím sure itís completely different to have someone you love deal with it. Iím a healthcare worker, and I wasnít offended, because I could tell something was off. I just didnít want people to be upset with him or judge him given the circumstances. I think we can be more charitable with our expectations and more accepting.

But then, weíre not the ones in the trenches. Itís definitely more complex, I can imagine, to watch your son. Your feelings are valid, and I hope youíre OK too.
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