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I Worked very hard as a temp and got hired for a big insurance company in dt Portland doing data/accounting type work.

I had a rough patch where I couldn't get my adhd meds for a while and this lady would always passive aggressively hint that I don't belong there. (The kind of woman who calls individual black people well spoken and acts surprised about it) .

After my insurance kicked in three months later I got back on my meds. We also were going through a complete change in how we operated. I was the only one on the team who grasped it right away, I got paired with the same woman for an ongoing task and she was so surprised and complimentary at how competent I was at thr job, better than her. Every day my name was on the board for my accomplishments.

Then one day I went to a different floor to have a break and my little swipe card with money for food was empty so I took food with the intent to pay it back later. I swore that I did but I must not have because I got called in by my boss and hr. I didn't keep a receipt but I provided debit card records from two different cards proving that I pay for a thing almost every day.

I got fired on a zero tolerance policy for gummy bears. People asked if they were looking for a reason. If it had been a few months ago I would have wondered, but it was an hr decision and not my boss, though I'm still pissed at his behavior toward me and not sticking up for me.

All that to say that Newsy and I have something in common.

Also to say to Chemda that I've been on adderall xr and it was helpful but that xr only lasts so long and then I got angry and upset at how different I felt. I was eventually put on a different stimulant that has a lot in common with adderall scientifically but feels a lit more even and I don't constantly have to up my dosage. Every person is different and if you want to take adderall recreationally, go for it. If you want something long term there's a lot of trial and error until you find your thing, so I don't recommend just taking it daily.

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