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Having known people that have "dabbled" in pills > the kind that go up and the kind that go down >> Chemda stay away from Adderall, you don't actually need it.

What you essentially want from it you can get from some espresso shots right at home without the addiction or having to get off it at some point. Bustelo is amazing and I have a little stovetop espresso maker which I got off amazon.

"However for someone who has not been diagnosed with ADHD or if the medication is taken in a higher dosage than prescribed, Adderall can be habit forming, much like cocaine. When the effects of the dopamine wear off, those who abuse the medication may experience a “burn-out” feeling that can include depression, irritability, and dysphoria, among other side effects. Improper use of Adderall can also cause cardiovascular conditions, such as increased blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmias, and may also lead to stomach irritation and nausea."

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Meme isn't hard to find; her laugh carries 'cause she throws her head back like a gorgeous unicorn. she's also an amazing first contact. look for the fanciest bitch having the best time.
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