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Let me tell yall a story about shoko besakit (chocolate milk in a bag) and how it's the best ever. I was around 15, it was mid summer, and the entire family was walking up Masada. Between my savta (grandma) in her 70s and my sister in her toddler years, we took a long while to get up this damn snake path. Must've been around 11 am when we got to the top, which is far too late in the day to be climbing up a mountain in the middle of a desert in the dead of summer in Israel. We all sit at the entrance, sweaty and tired and ready to go home, when my uncle unzips the lunch cooler he had with him and pulls out shoko besakit for all of us. It was cold and sweet and the perfect drink for us grumpy kids who had no interest in walking up the mountain when there's a perfectly good gondola that can take you to the top. My mom took a photo of my sisters and me sitting at the entrance, our faces bright red and covered in sweat and dirt, all of us happily drinking our shoko besakit.

I don't know if it's a nostalgia thing (my family in Israel is not obsessed like I am) but there is something so special about shoko besakit even though it is just chocolate milk in a parallelogram-shaped bag.
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