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I should look up what your case statistics are in Germany. How do people in your community deal with a lockdown? Do they accept it and adjust, or are they shitbirds? We are not in lockdown here yet, there's no real restrictions, and the fact that it varies state by state means this isn't getting under control, due to American Exceptionalism.

In New Jersey, specifically, we have now surpassed the number of daily cases from the peak part of the early pandemic. The bright side is the deaths are a lot fewer, probably due to the fact that a lot of the truly vulnerable died early on in the pandemic, coupled with better treatment options that have developed over these past 9 months. New Jersey has had a mask mandate in public spaces since early on, right when it was discovered how this was transmitted. We have a very high population density in this state. Imagine in the lower density states, if these idiots would take masks seriously? In bumfuck places like Idaho or Montana they could have conceivably had no cases. This is what kills me.... that this is still going on with such ferocity because people are whiny little babies who can't be told to shut up and sit still.

So I'm still doing my thing here.... I work from home, I wear a mask in places, I don't get to see my friends or family. I'm getting weird(er), feeding the wildlife more... poured out some Cheerios for the deer yesterday. They also like peanutbutter pretzel nuggets. And tortilla chips. I ran out of carrots. Aside from the deer and turkey that go past my house, the birdfeeder is like a huge part of my daily entertainment now.

I am grateful I'm ok and healthy, and even if I'm really sick of this bullshit now, I'm not going to be a petulant scumbag about it and just pretend like it's not happening... going to keep doing my part as long as necessary for myself and for the good of those in the community.
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