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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
I should look up what your case statistics are in Germany. How do people in your community deal with a lockdown? Do they accept it and adjust, or are they shitbirds?
Hm, thatís an interesting question.
I see people only during shopping for food or when Iím outside, with the dog or the kids.

In Supermarktes everyone is wearing their mask and I never see anyone behaving badly.
I donít often engage in discussions on social media about Covid, because itís mostly pointless.
Sometimes I see people saying completely stupid shit about the tests being falsely positive, I sometimes ask who they think is in the hospitals if everything is not so bad.
So obviously we have also idiots here.
My father in law is a problematic person anyway, he said some stupid shit about how bad it is that the restaurants are closed AND also in the same conversation that the vaccine canít be good, because itís here too early and that itís only here to make big Pharma ( unfortunately not mine) big money. So he wants to live like before and who dies, dies basically. He didnít tell me that, only Mr Apia, I can be a very unpleasant person and would tell him that he is 70 and has heart problems, so he has a great chance to die from Covid.

Luckily my parents are very sensible and behave.
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