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Originally Posted by sex_n_diamonds View Post
I think I made peace of not going home for the holidays back in August, when I realized that my family and I are on opposite sides politically around the pandemic (my sister in law even attended an anti-masker rally...). One thing I was really looking forward to is getting together, in small groups, with friends for the holidays, as we were allowed to gather in groups of up to 6 during the summer months and early fall.

The province of BC, where I live, announced that we're prohibited from gathering for holidays. Right now, we're allowed to interact only with the people we live, be it in public or private spaces.

Sucks but I get it. I just can't seem to find a way to cheer up and enjoy the holidays. I live with just my partner and the dog. I dont know how to make Christmas and New Year special when it will just be us at home, and I cook on the daily. I worry that this will end up feeling just like any regular night and I really need some (even if forced) joy this season.

So... what are you guys doing to celebrate this year and make it feel special even in lockdown? Need ideas that aren't "cook a festive meal" or "make holiday decorations" that internet keeps spewing out at me.
I wish I could have an answer that makes you happy, but as much as we try the holidays just aren't the same this year. For me, what has worked (or at least been a band-aid) is doing the decorations as cliche as it is. I just keep putting up more and more xmas lights, I did the tree, I put little trees around the house too. I have a 5 year old daughter which makes me obligated to go through the motions more. But if you have the means, maybe going overboard with gifts for others, or adopting a kid from an angel tree could help your spirits? This one gives a gift to kids whose parents are incarcerated:

It sucks this year and we're all just trying to do what we can. So do the things you like, even if it doesn't feel the same... Here's a pic of my outside decorations. My partner has told me I should stop before it gets to overkill but this is the only thing sparking joy.

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