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Here is an interview with the Biontech CEO and what he says about the mutation:

We have seen news of this faster spreading variant – a mutation of the virus. From what you know, is your vaccine efficient against this variant?
We don't know so far, because we did not yet test. In the next two weeks, we will build a piece of this new virus variant and evaluate whether immune responses against our vaccines are able to inactivate that.
Scientifically, the likelihood is high that this is the case because even though this variant has multiple mutations, only 1% of the relevant protein has changed. That means 99% are still the same, and we know that the immune response that our vaccine use is attacking this protein from multiple sides.

It’s somehow also cool to see that he is a not fancy guy, a full blood scientist. It’s so refreshing to see someone who is so the opposite of an egomaniac speak.

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