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Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw View Post
What a story. Holy shit. Wish I could give her a hug.
Omg I want to give her a hug also. And also curse that guy out for her. Like sure itís one of those lessons learned the hard way type of stories stories but this is pretty extreme. He sounds like a trickster. I donít like tricksters.

Omg as I write this she just said she replied to him. OMG Betsy Helmuth!!! Learn your lesson and stop being nice. Omg My heart is pounding.

Oh no, her voice is cracking and Iím hurting for her so much. Sending another hug her way. Ugh this sort of abuse is so horrific. Iím so sad this happened to her.

Also, since there was no contract.....then there was no NDA, right? Sell your story to TMZ, the Shade Room, whatever forum that will cut you a check.
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