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Originally Posted by punk'n View Post
You nailed it. Chemda kept trying to get him out of it like, "so you mean you would like to do sex work? That's what you're saying?"
And he was basically like, "No. I think the women that got attacked by Weinstein have it better than me."

Exactly, you and shoebootie explained it perfectly.
Here what else is wrong about it:

Most of his victims didnít get something great out of it.
There were some, who got some money like Rose and some women from his company ( and this of course didnít make things right) but most of them, the upcoming actresses were had this terrible experience for free and it didnít help their careers at all.

Second, Frank decided that the will of those women didnít matter, if it was ok for him, it should be ok for everyone. So basically like the rapists he put his will over those of the victims.
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