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Originally Posted by Archimedes_Screw View Post
Fewer people are wearing masks down here in Texas. Itís been a crazy fucking week.

Loved the episode.
I'm sorry you live in Texas.

To me it seems like Texas is Florida's slightly dumber smarter but much more arrogant older brother.

Did you know Texas is not connected to the national power grid? Yup they didn't want other states when disasters hit to take away Texas power. Apparently Texas thought the power system they had was superior and they didn't want to weaken it. Also, by having a separate power grid they (not having interstate connections) they could bypass all federal laws regarding the power grid.

I'm not saying I don't have feels for the suffering of the people in Texas, the people who are hungry, thirsty and freezing. I really do, but the Texas attitude is really coming home to roost. I bet they don't even vote out Ted Cruz after this disaster that is in part his creation.

Should we talk about the Electric company's that are charging over $9/KW hr sending people bills for like $5,000 and even more! I wonder if Ted's electric bill is higher as well? He probably hasn't seen it from his vacation hotel room in Mexico
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