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Originally Posted by joslingeneva View Post
I had to fast forward at time 1:27:10. As soon as I heard baby mice I was out. At least I wasn't eating this time.

I don't think I understood that Stereo was an ad. I downloaded it anyways but I'm not sure if I used the link properly. You guys are so good at ads sometimes it sounds like something casual or a platform you're playing around with.

I like podcasts that have music in the background so it's clear I am listening to an ad and can support the show. Same with blog posts where the writer is like "These are affiliate links but I don't recommend products I don't use blah blah blah..."

Again I pretty much simp for all things KATG and do everything y'all tell me to do, but I was not clear that the Stereo spots were ads before this episode.

love you guys!


Glad to help clear that up!

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