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re: the poll

I just went out with friend who wanted me to take his pics for his dating app profile. as time got closer to meeting up he was getting ansty and when we got to the park he suddenly didn't want to do it any more. We just walked around and had a nice day. Afterwards he told me he always had to get a buzz to boost his confidence before taking any pics of himself. I never thought picture shyness got this powerful. This ep tells me I was wrong.

I enjoy taking pics even if I don't like the results all the time. It's like acting. I do a bunch of different poses and kick my legs up and jump cuz I'm "on stage." I don't think all the pics look great but sometimes they do. So long as I don't look like SHIT and it looks like i was having fun I enjoy the pic.

Keith, I have a feeling if someone asked you to tell a shitty story about your dad or little baby faggot and took pics of while you did, you would have a ton of pics of you with a big smile on your face, looking extremely animated and you'd like them. Just don't let Kyle take them and neg you.
Chemda, whatever the prompt was for your post operation pic, have the photographer do more of that. I think that's a great picture

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