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When I’m at work at talk to customers and others the big majority of the time I don’t care what they look like. But sometimes, sometimes someone is so attractive that I’m annoyed by it. It happens not often at all, maybe once in two years or so.
And only if I see them for the first time, the next time I’m mentally prepared.

And that’s why. I’m alone in a room with this person and we talk about some medical study. I notice how pretty they are and am less focused.
Im not like the guy in the scenario, because I can get over it but it takes work.
The worst are those who know exactly how attractive they are. We talk, and I see in their eyes that they notice that I just noticed how pretty they are.
I don’t like it at all, because for a moment I am not focused on work.

When I see that person again, I know what to expect and they don’t have the same effect on me.
So I get wanting to see a less attractive sales person. The customer here doesn’t have great social skills and hasn’t learned yet how to control himself in these situations and knows it.

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