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I watched my Dad decline from dementia over a period of about three years. At first, he had minor aphasia, where he would miss words or say incorrect words. That began to rapidly get worse and worse, where he couldn't say full sentences, just maybe a phrase or so.

My Mom, managed to look after him until he was hospitalized, with the last month it became clear that he didn't really know who she was. I visited one weekend and he complained to me that "the girl" (sorry Chemda), wouldn't let him go for a walk on his own. Due to the aphasia, it was jumbled and it took a bit until I realized that he was talking about my Mom, and really what he was saying, which was a huge shock.

By the time he was hospitalized with a minor lung infection, he could only just say the odd word, and that was only in anger at the nurses. He was generally combative when he was awake, and it was a bit tough to watch.

When he passed, I almost didn't go see him, but I ended up going and finally saw him at peace, which was a relief. I was happy I saw him at rest and not fighting everything any longer.

It's a tough process to watch and I hope you look after yourself Keith.
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