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Originally Posted by jcro21 View Post
I was just thinking about how I get way less road rage when Iím biking vs when Iím driving and thinking this might apply to everyone...and then remembered all the asshole bikers out there. And all the times Iím the asshole biker. Oh well, still beats a car
I donít ever get road rage.
Someone should study this.
Because Iím not a calm person. And I absolutely get in person rage.

When Iím driving Iím rather unemotional. I donít feel bothered or personally attacked by whatís happening on the road. And I drove a lot in my life.
Estimated more than 1 000 000 km, or for the people with the strange system more than 600 000 miles.

How can I explain this to myself, than find a system to teach it to people and get rich? How? Any ideas?
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