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I greatly appreciate how Keith has been able to see that there isn't a "both sides" when it comes to antiblackness/racism in in America and has been able to better understand the implications of the "whiteness" he was raised with....I hope this dialog will help you all (specifically Chemda) to recognize that zionism is a form white supremacy.

There is a clear and evident line between #BlackLivesMatter and #FreePalestine, this conversation shows that maybe you guys aren't truly educated on of what the movement is really about (ex. please research US. Police forces receiving training from IDF) --- As a "non-white appearing" person, it's easy to assume Chemda understands racial dynamics but when she speaks on things that effect people further marginalized than her intersections of identity, it shows that she is clearly effected by her privileged/zionist/racist upbringing.

"Both the United States and Israel are European settler colonial states built on the exclusionary ideology of white supremacy. Both states have a white ruling class that maintains its grip on power through the ongoing exploitation, killing, and displacement of Black, brown, and Indigenous communities." -

I think it would be greatly beneficial to seek out the voices and experiences of Palestinian people/activist/historians to speak on the apartheid that is occurring and to establish more context from the perspective of the marginalized people (Palestinian/Arab) experiencing oppression from the privileged class of racist (zionist) .

Please note that i'm consciously using the term "zionist" and not "Jewish" because I understand that those are two separate experiences/identities, as you can be a person who cares about the historical plight of Jewish people or be a Jew without resorting to zionism.

"Nonetheless, Zionism is "not a Jewish phenomenon. . . . Zionist thought was fully formulated" by non-Jews and even anti-Semites. This "sheds light" on the creation of Zionism-it is "actually a scheme to rid Europe of its Jews"."

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