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Honest feelings about kids:
I always knew that I wanted children.
But, Chemda I also knew that I don’t want them 24/7 around me, or rather that I still want to work and have my own life.
Having children is one of the least complicated things in my life.
I have problems with ocd thoughts, too much ambition, and demanding too much of me. And sometimes not knowing what to do with my anger to be constructive.
I can get very angry. And sometimes it’s good!
Only for me, the kids are just fine as they are.
My programming isn’t that I’m not good enough, it’s “this is fine for the start and now do 100 times as much or 1000 times as much”
I’m in therapy and my she asked my about kids in the beginning. The kids are sweet and cool, sometimes annoying in a normal way, when they don’t want to clean their rooms or similar boring stuff.
The therapy lady always says, Apia, enjoy the uncomplicated parts of your life.
Everyone has problems somewhere else.
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