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Yeah I knew your dad was a narcissistic piece of shit before but Jesus Christ. Iím not at all surprised that your mom hid money from your dad. Sad that heís squandering it away. Heís likely not going to be found incompetent to manage his finances because people are allowed to make bad decisions and mistakes. I just hope your siblings donít try to rescue him when he does spend all of the money.

Dementia sucks. It basically is the brain dying and the first part of the brain to go is the frontal lobe where reasoning and impulse control is. That is why we see people acting out sexually and in other ways. They get a thought and they do it. And they do revert back to a certain point in their lives. It can change every day. Iíve had Veterans revert back to their time in war, the service, jail etc. and since a lot of them never talked about it with their family it is a nasty surprise.

Your mom is likely not in any distress. And if she ever is itíll be short and she wonít remember. Iíll bet the staff loves her. I hate that they have to deal with your dad. That poor social worker has probably had to have more conversations with your dad than she ever wanted to over the stupid shit heís pulled.

And Chemda-it is fucked up that your mom is still sending care packages trying to guilt you into talking with her.

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