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I wonder if the Dad was so focused on the kids not talking about the money they received because he felt the wrong kids got more money and it's his personal feelings of being upset over that that are driving this. He's trying to convince himself when listing the reasons.

I personally don't feel good about Ken trying to mend the path in the way he did. I feel like to these type of people who aren't in reality will interpret it as taking their side. By saying there are two sides and Keith is too proud, the Dad hears that the son is politely saying Keith is in the wrong. Keith is not too proud, the Dad did a fucked up thing and Keith drew a reasonable boundary in order for them to continue having a relationship. If the Dad has other issues, those are separate. He's trying to justify immoral behavior he would judge others for by focusing on separate things he takes issue with Keith on and avoiding what he did wrong. He can get away with this self delusion easier with the siblings avoiding it and trying to nicely nudge him in the right direction.
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