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When Kyle said she talked to the landlord I cringed. That is a worst nightmare scenario.

I can imagine myself and partner in that situation.

Hi babe, oh thanks for getting me that stuff from the store, also talked to your landlord about your bathroom (*because obviously you care so much about it and that's why you've never mentioned it once to him or to myself*) so that he can fix it up. Gotta go, have fun talking to your landlord about the bathroom (which if I think about it, you give zero fucks about...oh well).Toodles.

Why did you say anything!
I'm surprised you weren't yelling more lol.
You are a saint Keith.

And the way Keith explained about being part of a team with the lie, totally makes sense, he doesnt want to be hung out to dry. He didn't want to walk into a location where someone thinks he's an ass for holding things up, but if he knew beforehand he can just be like, you know me, always holding up Kyle, I'm the worst.
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