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I totally get Keithís side on this one, and I may even be on his side, but I could also see myself doing what Kyle did.

It would be one thing if she called the landlord herself, but he was already there. To put it in context, itís completely understandable that someone could see a persistent issue/fault in the apartment the past 3 years theyíve dated you, and then suddenly the person responsible for fixing it, the landlord, is right there and youíre looking at Ďem, so you bring it to their attention.

If you told her your concerns prior to her talking to the landlord, thatís another thing.

Iím someone who likes things a certain way. It would bug me that a tub looks shitty every time I go in a bathroom, so I understand her. I may even be the type to call the landlord, or ask you to, honestly. But then, Iím no New Yorker that has to worry about a crazy price hike for decent living conditions.
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