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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
I had a nice growing number of sex partners and boom, 15 years of happy monogamous relationship with no cheating. ( 100% on my side and Iím pretty sure Mr Apia didnít cheat either, because he doesnít even like to talk to strangers)

It really put a hold on it. I guess there is always something.

At least for the foreseeable future Iím not interested in changing it, Iím just too busy for poly stuff and such.
Seems very time consuming.

15 years! Until I moved to Pittsburgh I've never lived in one place for longer than 4 years! Military kid here. 5 different elementary schools, 3 different middle schools - kinda messed with your concept of permanence. To me, newness is a part of my DNA, I have to actively work against it!

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