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Originally Posted by bag of lazers View Post
The Delta variant is now raging across the unvaccinated population in the US and I have real trouble mustering up any sympathy. A pharmacist I know is having to throw away expiring vaccines while cases rise in my area, and his pharmacy isn't the only place having to do that. Thing is, most unvaxxed people now are anti-vaxxers so it's their own fault. I live in the deep South and the thought of there being fewer anti-science MAGAts due to their own willful ignorance isn't exactly breaking my heart. I feel bad about it; I don't want to be callous or hateful but these people hate me. They hate my gay and non-white friends. They'd deport the immigrants I know who are mired in the miserable immigration system, including the DACA kids in some cases.

I'm just so tired of these hateful people holding society down. If they're killing themselves I'm having a hard time not being stoked about it. Obviously though there are immunocompromised people that can't get vaccinated who are the real victims, and that's the actual tragedy.

Maybe this is an AITA.
Having no sympathy for stupid, ignorant behavior is not really A ( like in AITA) behavior in my opinion.
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