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Originally Posted by litlokc View Post
I also get woken up by vomit or bile, about to be projected. So far, nothing has made it past my teeth. Prior to spitting it out in the bathroom.
I have attached the belief some foods in the evening, cause it or enhance the likelyhood of it.

New subject...
Republicans fought and complained about the Affordable Cares Act. Simply put Healthcare. Now the same Party is Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask.
So they will not, protect themself by wearing a mask. They will not, be proactive and get the vaccine. Finally They do not want/ value Healthcare. But expect a bed in ICU if they get it. In my head, I hear Keith's voice yelling "DIE ALREADY!" Do we know anyone with Covid, who could shit in their file cabinets? Asking for a friend

Yeah I think it's acid reflux or something like that. I'm too young and cute for these problems.

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