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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
In Germany they call stepkids bonus kids. An option?
This is a great term. I think the struggle is partly to not have to explain it every time? Since that's not a common term here(sadly), people here will find that odd and are gonna be asking questions and you are back to explaining it's your girlfriend's kids... which honestly is similar to how calling them stepkids is going. But the one pro of stepkids is you can use it with people out in the world that don't matter and there will be no questions, so the conversation moves faster.

Maybe Keith could use stepkids for those situations, and then for the people who matter he can say whatever he wants. I switch between using "my sister's dad" and "my dad" when it helps make my life easier(usually when I'm dealing with customer service for him). I think it could be fun to say Bonus Kids on the show and see how guests react. He has to explain stepkids sometimes to people anyway, why not have some fun with it and try out other terms.
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